When do you feel the most beautiful?

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Different people feel beautiful as a result of different things. Some feel beautiful when they have makeup on and others feel beautiful when they are at their most confident and are content with what they have and where they are in life. What I gotta ask though is: When do YOU feel the most beautiful? 

Now, I want you to sit down and really think about it. Are you the type that feels beautiful when someone gives you a compliment on your attire, ootd , your  R10 000 sneakers or heels, your makeup , your facebeat, your new & perfect lifestyle or on your achievements? Or are you the type that feels the most beautiful when you are so content with yourself that you don’t need anyone else’s compliments and affirmation?

You are the only person that can answer this question…

Truth be told, if the thing that makes you happy and feel beautiful is something that’s tangible, it can easily fade away or be taken away from you one way or another. I repeat it can easily fade away. If it’s something of quantity and not quality, might won’t work for very long. I mean even beauty gurus and makeup artists sometimes get tired of the tons and layers and layers of makeup, sometimes all they want is a clear face. So something like makeup shouldn’t be the only thing that makes you feel the most beautiful. I mean I get that sometimes makeup gives you that confidence boost and you feel really confident and in charge but you should still get home and be able to use your makeup remover and wash your face and still look at yourself in the mirror and still fall in love with what you see in the mirror and be comfortable in your own skin.

I asked a couple of girls when do they feel the most beautiful and I was happy to receive answers that were more about quality compared to quantity or should I say materiality. Some mentioned that they feel the most beautiful when they are at their most confident and when they realize their worth and when they appreciate themselves. Others said when they are themselves around the people they love. And lastly, others feel the most beautiful when they have freshened up and they have full makeup on, but again the makeup is not seen as putting a mask on; it is more of an enhancement and I can’t agree more. I am a beauty blogger and vlogger and I mostly blog and vlog about makeup, but I’m still content and proud of my fresh face that has no makeup on. I also see makeup as an enhancement of my beautiful features and not as a way to hide and change myself.

I still ask YOU when do YOU feel the most beautiful? Think about it! Make sure that it isn’t something that someone can take away and steal from you. Make sure it is something that is intangible ; something that is worth a bit more or a lot more than pounds,dollars, rands etc. Find your happy place and embrace it, because believe it or not , that is the place where you’ll feel the most confident, content and of course : THE MOST BEAUTIFUL…


I feel the most beautiful when I am CONTENT and COMFORTABLE in my own skin🌼❤️ 



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