Why we sometimes lose interest in our childhood dreams when we grow up


Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire 

Growing up is not easy! This thing called ‘adulting’ issa lot!! Literally! But my first semester in varsity has shown me the most AND also put me through the most. But I survived! Because I am a survivor(#Singing: I’m a survivor, I’m not gonna give up, I’m not gonna stop, I’m gonna work harder !#) Lols!


But on the real though it was really a lot to deal with. I found myself doubting what I was doing, doubting myself and re-asking myself what I wanted to be and what I wanted to do in this life. It’s funny how when we were young, little and ambitious and we were asked by our teachers and parents what we wanted to be when we grew up, it was so easy to just say : “A lawyer” or “A doctor” or “A scientist” etc, not even understanding how much work it would take , effort, sacrifices, pain, disappointment, more disappointment… and even more DISAPOINTMENT ,to the point where you feel like really giving up on your dreams and the person you’d like to become.

Another reason why we feel like giving up on our dreams is also because there’s so many people around us telling us we won’t make it : From lectures who tell you : ‘if you can’t get 60% for this test , you might as well drop out and leave this course because you’re going to DEFINITELY fail’ (as if they were God and can predict the future ) to friends who tell you to rethink your decision , lower your standards a little and find a second option.

But what if I don’t want or have a second option? What if this is the only thing I want to become? Or be?

Let that sink in a little. How many times has someone told you that you can’t do something and you believed them? How many times has someone told you to give up and you did just that? How many times has someone discouraged you and you felt down? But I have to ask you …: Do you really want it as bad as a street kid would love to have food or as much as a poor man would want his last last business plan to work otherwise his whole family will go hungry? How bad do you really want it ? And if you really want it , then everything else shouldn’t matter .

This reminds me of the quote by Dr. Seuss: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”. 

I wrote this post because I realized that so many people are giving up on their true dreams and childhood dreams because some ‘big headed’ person told them that they cannot do it. And these people end up living lives they not happy with, and that’s bad for a country and an economy. Think about it; you would go to service-providing institutions or businesses or even just retail stores : How many people help you or render you a service that’s excellent with a happy and a willing heart? Not many of them! Why is it like that ? Of course it is because they are not happy and really don’t want to be at work and wouldn’t give a **** about you and providing you with a good service.

So tonight, before you go to sleep. Look yourself in the mirror and forget about everyone else and everything else and ask yourself :

  1. What you truly want to do
  2. Who you truly want to be
  3. And lastly, what are you willing to do to make sure you get to that goal or become that person …

Do a lot of thinking and reflecting because as Taiichi Ohno said: “You can’t recycle wasted time”

Remember: You only live once, live a life without regret…


-Naledi Swaratlhe-


One thought on “Why we sometimes lose interest in our childhood dreams when we grow up

  1. Kishan Mathanlal says:

    I sometimes feel that way where people actually control you over and puts you down to the ground. Whereas you can stand up and fight for yourself to achieve the goal or the dream that you truly want to change the world. Apparently, no one is perfect here – it’s an err for a human beings to make mistake, but we can always learn the mistakes and improvise it on.

    Thank you Naledi for the most aspiring blog for those people who feel down and lonely. And you did something to bring them alive. 🙏


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