Embracing failure, not fearing it…


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“Failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of success.”-Arianna Huffington 

So I feel like this past week and weeks before that I have been feeling a little “fearful” if we could put it like that. Fearing the outcome of everything going on around me. So it is almost the end of Semester 2 of my first year and man it has been a roller coaster and the only thing that’s been on my mind constantly is: “Will I make it?”

Growing up, I was always an A student and for me something like a 60% is a total fail( even though my mom always protested :”Naledi you’re exaggerating! You did well!” Lol😄)  so I had to adapt and accept that varsity was different and obviously there’s a huge change and the standard won’t obviously be the same compared to primary and high school. Accepting failure was one of my biggest challenges to a point where I would be scared of trying because I was scared I would fail again.

I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks during my matric year. It is something I never spoke about because it made me uncomfortable. But after my preliminary exam where I had my worst attack and collapsed I realized that I had to talk about it and do something about it. The thing with anxiety is that it is a state of mind, it is all in the head . It is not something physical that you can quickly fix and adjust. It takes a lot of time to get over, it’s like a fear or phobia.

It was only when I came to varsity and got exposed to constant failure, where I realized that failure is part of life and I will never make myself go through another panic attack. That is not my story, and I decided that wasn’t how my story was going to end.

In this blog post, I’d love to leave you with “experience is the best teacher” kinda vibe , but I will again mention that without failure we never really realize our true potential. When you fail, you’re set off-balance, you’re on the edge, brought out of the ‘routine’ of your comfort zone. And that’s when you realize that you have to change something ,put in more effort somewhere, basically CHANGE. Which is what I want to emphasize on: CHANGE. I mean a comfort zone is really nice and everything but nothing grows there. Nothing. No CHANGE.

So when you’re constantly on the edge , you’re constantly changing . Kind of like Maths: rates of change, derivatives,- they don’t stay the same, the final answer is not the same as the question before it was differentiated or derived ( lol my inner nerd speaking ;that’s calculus by the way for some who might not be sure…). But anyways my point is : LEARN TO EMBRACE FAILURE. Yes, at that moment it won’t feel good when you fail, but think about how much you’ll change and become a better person; Improved.

I always say it’s about Progress not Perfection . You’d rather have growth than constant perfection of the same , damn old thing.

SO go out there and bloom. Metamorphosis🦋. The process is messy but without it , there won’t be a story to tell to all those people who will feel like giving up and will need a little ‘pick me up’. The world needs YOU. SO go write your story so you can tell it…

Dream. Believe.Fly

-Naledi Swaratlhe- 


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